Each year trusts in the UK make grants totalling


The trick is knowing where these trusts are and how to approach them...

Some companies will offer this service for a big fee up front, with no guarantee of success!!

We operate on a much fairer system

The principle is simple:

  • You tell us what you need and how much it will cost
  • We agree a set fee - the fee will range between £4,500 and £6,500 depending upon the complexity of the project.
  • We research trusts and organisations who might fund you (anything up to 1,000 could be approached though normally between 200 and 500)
  • We produce a letter - on your headed paper (you agree the letter)
  • We print the letters and envelopes (we also complete any application forms as required)
  • You sign the letters, stuff the envelopes with any relevant paperwork and post (2nd class)
  • All responses, and cheques, come directly to you
  • Every month you send us copies of every response, we invoice you for any monies received.

  • Your only up front cost is stationery and stamps that is all. If as an example our fee was £6,500 (this is the highest band of our fee structure) then we would charge 25% of the first £26,000 raised. So if in the first month you received £10,000 we would invoice you for £2,500. If in month two you received nothing then there would be no invoice. If in month three you received a further £20,000 then we would invoice for £4,000 (being the remainder of our fee). This is not commission so once you have paid the fee there are no additional charges, all income over £26,000 is ‘free’. Our fee is not based upon the amounts to be raised, as we feel this would be unfair, but is based upon the time we will need to invest in the appeal itself plus the level of risk that we are taking on (some projects are easier to get funding for than others), therefore the more we can raise for you the happier we are and our list of satisfied customers attests to the fact that we do not lose interest once our fee has been paid! Our contracts last for one year because, although we want you to stay with us, we want you to do so because you want to not because you are obliged to.

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