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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge expenses rather than just have a total package fee?

Our aim is to keep your costs down so we charge the actual costs of travel and acommodation which varies depending on where you are. If we just charged a set fee then we could potentially be charging for expenses we won’t use. We always confirm the expenses BEFORE you are committed to the course

Do we need to be a big charity?

Definitely not, indeed the course is designed for small to medium sized charities with limited resources and it is presented by people with extensive experience of the challenges faced by smaller charities with limited resources.

What type of venue should we provide?

Obviously a professional meeting venue is ideal, most hotels provide these and you may be able to arrange free, or special, rates. Alternatively village halls, community meeting rooms or company meeting rooms could be used. The room needs to be large enough to seat the number of delegates along with room for a screen and projector (with power points available). If in doubt please feel free to ask us.

What if we cannot provide a venue or catering?

No problem, we can happily source a venue for you and negotiate the best possible price we can.

Are there any course handouts?

At the end of the course you get a handout of all of the slides as well as additional details of organisations who can help you.

Do we have to sign up to any of FundAids services?

Not at all, this is a stand alone service.

Will there be any hard sell of FundAid services?

Definitely not! We will be happy to discuss what we do during tea breaks and lunch (if you ask us) but there is definitely no hard sell.

Can we invite others to the course to spread the cost?

We have no problem at all if you want to invite others along and spread the cost, we do recommend that each organisation has an even number of attendees though as there are some activities that will require a team (2 or 3 members) making a presentation about ‘your’ charity which will be difficult if the team is made up of several different charities.

Can we have more than 10 attendees?

If you would like more than 10 attendees please talk to us, the maximum number is set so that everyone can get the most out of the masterclass and to allow everyone to have a chance to be actively involved in the role plays but we will try and be as flexible as we can.

Can the course be done at a weekend?

We understand that, as volunteers, the weekend is the best time for you and therefore we are happy to run the course over a weekend, indeed expenses are often lower for weekends than midweek.

What catering do we need to provide?

There are 2 tea breaks per day (tea/coffee and biscuits are the norm but fruit, cakes and other delights are always welcome!) and lunch on both days (normally sandwiches and a small buffet). Catering is for all delegates plus the 2 course leaders.

Do you offer the course anywhere?

In theory yes though in practice the course is based around English charity law so is better suited to England and Wales rather than Scotland and Northern Ireland (which have their own separate laws). Having said that the principles outlined in the course would be the same across the UK, if in doubt contact us.

How far in advance do we need to book?

We can only fit in a few courses per year so we recommend booking at least 4 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do you require a deposit?

We ask for 100 at the time of booking with 50% of the fee and agreed expenses 2 weeks prior to the course and the remainder of the fee upon completion of the course.

What is covered in the course?

The general session headings are:

  • Perceptions
  • Marketing
  • Be an effective voice for your charity
  • Create a strategy
  • Recruiting Supporters
  • Developing Supporters
  • Legacy
  • Charitable trusts
  • The expensive pound - shops, chuggers etc
  • Lotteries/Events/New media
  • The Law
  • Accounts as a fundraising tool
  • Corporate
  • Major Donors
  • Making a pitch (practical)
  • Planning
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