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Too Expensive?

“Fundraising Consultants are rubbish, they charge too much and are only interested in making money for themselves!”

I couldn’t agree more, it seems ludicrous to us that some consultants want huge fees paid up front! That may be fine for the mega set ups but for your average organisation it is crazy. That is why I wanted FundAid to be different. If you look at my CV you will see I have been involved with many charities both large and small as volunteer, trustee and professional so I know what it is like on the receiving end!

Now let us be honest, of course we are in it for the money, I have to eat too! I aim to make a living not become millionaires at your expense. I drive a Kia not a Rolls Royce and I hate caviar!

I will charge you a sensible price and if I can see a way that you can do the work I will tell you rather than charge you for my time. If you hire us I will happily show you how I work so that you can take over for yourselves if you want to later on.

Most important, if we can we will operate on a “No Income No Fee” basis, we cannot say fairer than that can we?

Remember that I am motivated because...

If I don’t raise you money I don’t get paid!


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Click here to contact me...

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