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Fundraising is Complex

The Rules Have Changed

There are over 180,000 registered charities in England & Wales, most of them good causes, and all after the limited pool of money available.

To get your share you have to be ‘professional’ in your approach to raising the money you need.

We can provide personal training on specific areas, targeted at your requirements (we’ve all sat through training which simply was not relevant) it makes sense to train only in the things you need and can use.

The favoured areas of training include

  • The basics of raising money legally
  • Information Technology - How computers can help you raise money and communicate with your supporters.
  • Fundraising Law - It is all too easy to break the law when fundraising, ignorance of the law is no defence, it pays to be in the know.
  • Data Protection - Do you keep records of supporters? If not why not, they are a valuable resource! If you do, are you complying with the Data Protection Act?
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