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We do not offer to write you a huge report analysing your fundraising requirements, as so many other Fundraising Consultancies may!

The reality is that you probably don’t want that sort of in-depth report, much of which would not be particularly relevant anyway!

We would much rather spend a few hours talking with you and offering advice, that way we don’t use up too much of our time (and we all know that time costs money!).

If you want a brief written report of our discussions that is fine and won’t cost much extra. We can guarantee you that we will not be charging thousands of pounds for this service!

There are specific areas that we can also help you with:

  • Insurance - For Trustees, Public Liability and even the Weather!
  • We can help you find the best places to source your requirements from collecting boxes to paperclips. We can find you the keenest prices (And before you ask we do not get commission from any supplier!)
  • Developing an action plan, based on realistic appraisal of your organisation and it’s capabilities, will help you unlock your organisation’s hidden potential.
  • Guidance and training on new accounting practices including the latest SORP and use of accounting software.
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